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How to Increase Traffic of Your Digital Business (Part-1)

In this concise guide, we have gathered the steps you can take to effectively utilize your digital business profile and store, offering your customers a fresh digital experience and boosting your sales. In the first part, we want to highlight some important points about organizing your digital business profile and store.

Optimize Your Digital Business Profile

  • Edit your business profile using the Boatmate Business admin panel. Professionally crafted profiles with rich content receive 10 times more clicks.
  • A well-prepared digital business profile allows you to express yourself better to your audience and strengthens your digital footprint, encouraging your audience to engage with you through digital platforms.
  • We recommend using at least 5 professionally taken photos in your digital business profile.
  • Alongside photos, it is advisable to add YouTube videos to your digital business profile. Showcasing your brand's product videos or videos capturing your services will give users an idea about your business. Remember, video is the king of content!

Enhance the Content of Your Digital Store

  • Ensure that your product and service portfolio is easily accessible from your digital store. Let your customers see that they can fulfill all their needs through your digital store.
  • Provide detailed product descriptions. Leave no question marks in your customers' minds regarding the products, services, or delivery processes, and let your store stand out quickly.
  • For your mobile store, we suggest using at least 3 professional photos for each product or service. Uploading multiple photos for each item or service helps potential customers acquire information faster and demonstrates your meticulous work.

Customer Testimonials as Your Valuable Allies - Stand Out with Positive Reviews and Ratings

  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Boatmate. Showcase your excellence to everyone and increase your sales. Remember, many boaters seek others' opinions before making a purchase.
  • Share your digital business profile with your customers and ask them to share their experiences.
  • Your customer ratings and review count help you stand out in search results.

We are delighted to assist you in optimizing your digital business and store. Please feel free to contact us through the most suitable channel on our Boatmate Business Support page.

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