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Increase Your Sales with Boatmate's Marine E-Commerce Platform

In today's world, many of us can access the products and services we need through digital platforms. Embracing digital transformation has become a necessity to enhance customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. The yacht and boat industry is no exception, as digital transformation holds significant importance for businesses operating in this sector. At Boatmate, we offer a specialized e-commerce infrastructure for the yacht and boat industry, enabling businesses to increase their online sales and embark on their digitalization journey.


About 80% of boaters complain about the lack of digital experience in their boating lives. This clearly highlights the need for businesses in the yacht and boat industry to take steps towards digitalization. However, despite 65% of companies in the sector expressing willingness to embrace digital transformation, many have yet to make significant progress. Some businesses face challenges due to cost and technological inexperience, while others struggle with where to begin. At Boatmate, we aim to guide these businesses through their digital transformation journey and encourage them to utilize our infrastructure to sell their products and services online.

Through close collaboration with stakeholders and yacht/boat users in America and Europe, Boatmate has developed a specialized e-commerce infrastructure for the yacht and boat industry. We support businesses that provide products and services to boaters in their digitalization journey. Our infrastructure offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to provide a brand-new purchasing experience and gain access to thousands of boaters through our marketplace.

By utilizing Boatmate's specialized e-commerce infrastructure for the yacht and boat industry, businesses can:

  • Sell their products and services online
  • Receive quote requests
  • Manage reservation inquiries

With our e-commerce infrastructure, businesses can:

  • Create a digital presence for their operations free of charge
  • Access 24/7 technical support for their digital business
  • Receive orders from customers with just a few clicks
  • Increase their sales by acquiring new customers through the marketplace
  • Accept order requests even outside regular business hours
  • Easily reach both domestic and international customers
Boatmate is here to assist businesses in their digital transformation journey. You can get in touch with us through the appropriate channel for you given on our website.
We are dedicated to helping businesses in the yacht and boat industry achieve digital transformation and boost their sales with Boatmate's e-commerce infrastructure.

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