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Reliable Marine Businesses are
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Seamlessly order products and services from trustworthy marine businesses at the touch of a button. Experience the power of the must-have boating app. Download now for free!
Boat maintenance near me
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Boat maintenance and repair near me
Your Ultimate Boating Companion

Find & Connect with Reliable Marine Businesses

Discover the must-have boating app that connects you with a diverse range of nearby marine businesses. From marinas, technical services, marine stores, insurance firms, groceries, underwater services, electricians, mechanics, repair services, divers, and more – our platform is your one-stop solution for all your boating needs.

  • Search & find
  • Check reviews of like-minded boaters
  • Place your orders online 24/7
  • Make secure online payments with confidence

Your ultimate all-in-one solution for connecting with marine businesses, accessing a wide range of products and services, and gaining valuable insights from the boating community.

Your Comprehensive Marine Business Directory

The specialized and most effective marine business directory in the world is in your hands for free.

  • Find and connect with marine businesses across the US and Europe
  • Discover a wide range of trusted providers for all your boating and yachting needs
  • Easily search for specific companies, products, and services on Boatmate
Boat maintenance and repair near me
Boat maintenance and repair near me

Unlock Insights from the Boating Community

Tap into the collective knowledge and experiences of the boating community.

  • Read reviews and ratings from fellow boaters to make informed decisions
  • Gain valuable insights and recommendations from experienced boating enthusiasts
  • Share your own experiences by leaving comments and ratings on businesses

Hassle-Free Online Ordering for Boaters

Simplify your boating experience with convenient online ordering.

  • Place orders anytime, day or night, for marine products and services
  • Explore a comprehensive range of offerings tailored to boating and yachting
  • Enjoy a seamless and secure online ordering process
Marine Services, Boat Repair, Maintenance
Boat Yacht Mobile Online Payment

Secure Payments for a Seamless Boating Experience

Experience peace of mind with secure and reliable payment options.

  • Enjoy secure online payment options on Boatmate
  • Your financial information is protected during all transactions
  • Say goodbye to carrying cash while boating and conveniently make online payments on the water
How TO work wıth marıne busınesses

Start Working with Marine Businesses with Confidence, End-to-End Digitally!

Shop Marine Products Online

Shop online

Discover a seamless online shopping experience tailored for boaters and yacht enthusiasts. Browse and purchase a wide range of products and services, with convenient delivery options available.
  • Shop from local businesses that deliver to your boat, marina, or specified location.
  • Enjoy a mobile-first marine e-commerce experience, allowing you to easily find and purchase products and services. P
  • lus, use SKU search for quick and precise product discovery.
Marine Service, Boat Repair Service, Maintenance

Request a Service

Simplify your service requests with Boatmate's on-demand service feature. Get the assistance you need, whether it's technical services, towing, cleaning, diving, and more, all at your fingertips.

  • Explore detailed service listings and choose the services that suit your requirements.
  • Submit service requests with ease and have them fulfilled at the designated service points, marinas, docks, or directly on your boat or specified location.
Marina Berth Dock Booking

Make a Booking

Secure your berths at marinas and reserve tables at restaurants effortlessly using Boatmate's booking feature. Save time and avoid back-and-forth calls by managing your reservations digitally.

  • Use the convenient booking system to reserve berths at marinas or make restaurant reservations with ease.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your spot is secured, allowing you to plan your boating experience smoothly.


Boat Yacht Repair Maintenance Proposal

Request a Proposal

Get detailed proposals for custom and specialized works, ensuring your unique needs are met. Take control of the entire process right from your mobile device.

  • Request proposals for specific projects such as hull repair, detailed cleaning services, and more.
  • Seamlessly manage the entire process, from initial inquiry to final decision-making, all within the Boatmate platform.

Download Boatmate Now!

Discover the Ultimate Platform for All Your Boating Needs

From products to services, it's all here. Join Boatmate today and unlock a world of possibilities!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boatmate free to use?

Yes, Boatmate is completely free for boaters. You can search and find marine businesses nearby, read and leave reviews, and connect with them without any charges. You only pay for the products or services you purchase.

Where can I use Boatmate?

Boatmate has a global database of marine businesses, with a strong focus on the U.S. and Europe. You can use Boatmate to find and connect with companies in these regions. We are rapidly expanding our network of digitized marine businesses, making it easier for you to shop online, request services, make bookings, and request proposals.

What delivery options are available for shipments?

The delivery options for shipments depend on the marine businesses you choose on Boatmate. Each business sets its own delivery options, such as delivering to your given address, the requested marine or dock, or even to a specific coordinate of your boat on the water. You can select the delivery option that suits your needs during the purchasing process.

What delivery options are available for services?

Similar to shipments, the delivery options for services also vary based on the marine businesses you engage with on Boatmate. These businesses may offer services at designated service points, marinas or docks, directly on your boat, or at a specified address. You can discuss and arrange the service delivery details with the respective business.

What is Boatmate's role in my purchase?
Boatmate serves as an e-commerce solution provider and an industry-focused marketplace. We facilitate the connection between boaters and marine businesses, providing a platform for you to discover and engage with these businesses. Boatmate does not set prices or deliver any products or services directly. Your purchase is fulfilled by the respective marine business you transact with on the platform.

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