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Boatmate is coming for this boating season!

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One-stop solution for boaters
From technical services to marinas or restaurants or grocery shops, anything you need is at your fingertips.
Everything you need
The one and only boating app that enables you purchase any products and services from reliable businesses.
Reliable and transparent pricing
Pricing is given transparently. So you will know how much you will pay for. No surprise, no inconsistency.

Outstanding Features

Boatmate is a must-have mobile application for boaters all around the world. Discover outstanding features in brief. But keep in mind that these are just a few. The Launch will come up with a lot of surprises.

One-stop solution for boaters
Boatmate enables you to find any products and services you needwherever you are and wherever you go. Simply choose what you need on a category basis and your Boatmate will find reliable businesses for you.
Discover businesses and amenities around you
Boatmate is the one-of-a-kind tool in the recreational boating market, that will allow you to see businesses nearby. Find out floating shops, mobile services on the water, shore-side fix and mobile services easily.
Digitally and directly work with businesses. Easier and faster
We know you are tired of making lots of calls, and hours of search to find reliable marine businesses. But it’s over! From now on, you can find reliable businesses nearby that ready to serve you.Easier and faster than ever!
Get benefit of Boatmate deals
Boatmate has a business partner ecosystem that includes thousands of reliable businesses. Boatmate users will be able to get the benefit of nearby deals offering by our business partners. You will be able to work with the best companies at their best price.

What you can do with Boatmate?


What is Boatmate?
Boatmate is a location-based marketplace for recreational boating industry. Boatmate enables boaters to find any products and services they need in a location-basis.
What kind of products and services will be available on Boatmate?
Engine services, electrical services, generator services, mechanical services, audio & electronic services, boat detail services, boat cleaning services, pump-out services, marinas, fuel stations, grocery shops, restaurants, and many more are on boarding now and will be available on Boatmate.
Is creating a user account on Boatmate free?
Yes, it is. You will be creating your account at no cost. You will only pay for products and services that you want to purchase through Boatmate.
When I joined the waitlist, what will happen next?
By joining the waitlist, you will secure your seat on Boatmate and be one of our precious early adaptors that will be privilaged user. We will be updating you about our progress and you will be one of the first privilaged users of Boatmate.
If I join the waitlist, will you be keep bothering me with lots of emails and calls?
No, definetly not. We don’t even like to receive tonnes of sales emails and calls. We will not be doing it to you. The logic of joining the waitlist is to be updated on the process and be a one of the first users of the product. That’s why we will be updating you regularly but we will be very carefull not to bother you.
When Boatmate App will be launched and we will start using it?
Boatmate will be launched at the beginning of May 2022. Which also means that boating will not be the same again. Together with boaters and our ecosystem partners, we will be transforming the recreational boating industry. We will make boating easier for everyone.
Full Name
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Boatmate is coming for this boating season!

Be the first to get Boatmate and enjoy early adaptor privilages